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So here I am

And here I am not. Which is to say, it's bloody obvious I sorta drifted away from LJ in the end. So if you actually want to know where to find me, I'm at:


Fur Affinity

My online portfolio

My art blog

I just completed the Pre-Animation course at Algonquin, and I've been accepted to the Animation program this fall, so that's the next two or three years taken care of. I've decided to not continue with Xeno's Paradise for the foreseeable future, but maybe I'll eventually come back to it. For now I'm working on a comic project with a friend from school, so hopefully that'll be released by the end of the summer. We'll see.

I doubt I'll be around LJ much to speak of, other than a quick update like this. You can find me at any of the other places, though.

Holy crap

Well, they said they'd work us in this course. Just passed in my second Character Design assignment, and got handed my next one. It's a doozy.

Five body types, male and female of each, and front and back poses. Then two poses for male and two for female for each of the types. Then six variants on one of the poses. Finally, ten ball-and-plane heads with properly spaced eyes, and for an encore a cut-and-paste lineup of one pose for each of the male and female body types.

Grand total, 57 drawings. Due two weeks from today. Oh, and I have to have 30 of those done in a week, for mid-eval. Yaaaaay!

The plus side is, I'm starting to learn something, even if it has to be beat into me.


So I actually did something worth posting today, if only barely. It's an in-class assignment to design a robot, something I've never done before.

The method was pretty cool, draw a tonne of little 1-inch or so thumbnail sillhouettes with a marker, then pick the favourite and do a quick design based on it. You can see the original thumb in the corner.

I think he's pissed off mostly because he's got a stupid name. I'd be pissed too.

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Polish movie posters

Hopefully I'll get some of what I'm working on posted by the end of the weekend (foot sketches at the moment), but in the meantime I thought I'd share this link of old Polish movie posters from the 70's and 80's. They might clash a bit with modern tastes, accustomed to Photoshop and the usual "bunch of faces" style of movie posters today, but it's interesting to see what the state of the art was in a place like that, still under Soviet control.

Reading the comments on it, it seems there were a couple of things at play, namely issues with copyright (so they couldn't use official posters) and with the opportunity to slip political messages into the art, which wasn't censored as most other communication was. Fascinating glimpse into a bit of history, really.

As promised

Here's the sheet of poses, as promised. I just submitted it for tomorrow's class, as my first successful bit of homework so far this year. It's a start.

Can't wait for class tomorrow, though. I love character design already.

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So it begins

Well, I've had a week of school already, and other than getting my butt kicked by drafting work (grid rooms suck), it went pretty well. Homework is relatively light so far, but it's a good chance to start building some confidence, I'll need it later on.

So what's below the cut is practice for my first Character Design assignment, which is to do a bunch of action poses of this cute little character with the big head and the teardrop body. We're supposed to stay on model, so it makes sense to do a lot of practice poses. I've got a couple more pages but they're in blue pencil that doesn't really scan, so this is what you get.

I'll post the actual page of poses once I get it done tomorrow.

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What I'm like

I'm probably the only one reading this who thinks this is utterly awesome.

Don't do it

Someone really should tell CPI about this public health hazard. She's probably in danger.

Yes, I'm doing my homework.

Shut up.

Xeno News

Well, I hate to disappoint you, but the news on Xeno is...no Xeno. Not for a while, anyway.

My original plan was to work on the strip over the summer, then re-start the strip from square one at the beginning of September. In fact, I was aiming for this weekend. But plans have changed for what really should have been obvious reasons.

First of all, since I'm starting school in two days (TWO FREAKIN' DAYS!), I'm going to be pretty busy, especially getting used to the increased workload, changing my habits and so forth. That's gonna prevent a lot of work in the first few weeks in any case.

Second, and more importantly, what the heck am I going to school ''for'', anyway? To work on comics, of course! So what's the freakin' point of starting the comic ''before'' I learn all the stuff that I plan to apply to it? That's bass ackwards at best.

So because of both of those, I'm putting off re-starting Xeno's Paradise until probably the Xmas holidays sometime. I'll keep posting sketches and design stuff I do through the year on the site, but aside from that don't expect any real strips or story until that point. I'm also hoping to re-design the site, maybe steal the comments system from Umlaut House 2 or something.

Hope I'm not disappointing anyone, but the strip'll be stronger for it when it happens.


Here's some inking practice for you. I've seriously got a long way to go, ugh.

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